I am an artist. I love art of all kinds, especially drawing and painting. Although I have not had the opportunity to devote myself fully to this, I have found time to paint at the same time I teach. Since I have more experience in teaching art. I have taught Art History, Drawing, Painting, and Creativity. I am a fan of Music, Archeology, and History. I also like to read good books. And going out in nature.


I consider that art is a form of expression that reaches directly to each person's soul and spiritual being. That is why it is so important...I want to give a reflective approach to my work and ask: Who are we? Why are we here? The transience and banality of life...When reaching the essence of existence...What is the most important thing I have?

In reality, the human being clings to everything he possesses. Attachment, and seems to forget that everything is fleeting, everything ends, including existence itself, and everything we have exist for a certain period of time.

Art tries to fight against all that and transcend, but even great works have been destroyed by the passage of time.

Art is the language of time and humanity found by archeology, which narrates a "possible History." Never absolute. History is like a vast, unfathomable, and still unknown ocean. Each one gives it its meaning based on their convictions.